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Clearline Air Gauge Units



Clearline 2

Four models offering the choice of two measuring ranges and the option of inch/metric or metric only scales.



Inch/Metric models: A100-62 & A100-63

Metric only models: A100-23 & A100-24


Multi-way Clearline

Based on the Clearline 2 (above) with all its scale options - up to three measuring heads (plugs or rings) may be used in sequence with this space saving gauge.



Inch/Metric models: 3/A100-62 & 3/ A100-63

Metric only models: 3/A100-23 & 3/A100-24

Air Plug Gauges

Miniature + Standard type 'S' 'M' & 'L' APG's

To measure cylindrical 'through' and 'blind' bores and _____ detect form deviations



Miniature: 1.30 to 3.00mm / 0.051" to 0.118" in Ø

Standard type 'S' : 3.10 to 6.30mm / 0.12" to 0.25" in Ø
Standard type 'M' : 6.3 to 62.0mm / 0.25" to 2.5 " in Ø
Standard type 'L' : 62 to 150mm / 2.44 " to 5.9 " in Ø
Air Ring Gauges

Miniature + Standard type ARG's

To measure cylindrical shaft diameters and detect form deviations



Miniature: 1.50 to 6.00mm / 0.059" to 0.236" in Ø

Standard type: 6.00 to 50.80mm / 0.236" to 2.00" in Ø

Setting Masters
Setting Masters

Setting Rings for Air Plug Gauges

Setting Plugs for Air Ring Gauges


APG Extension | Back-Stop Collar | 90° Adaptors |

Universal Adaptor Handle | Base for Air Ring Gauge

General Principles

Air Gauging is based on pressure change. Compressed air at a regulated pressure of 300kN/m² flows into the gauge through a restriction into a small pressure chamber, and then to atmosphere through two or more jets in an air plug, ring or probe. Pressure in the chamber is extremely sensitive to changes due to variations of the gap between air plug and work piece, and any changes in clearance are indicated by a suitable calibrated pressure gauge.


Air dgm
Air / Electronic Gauging

AE6 Air / Electronic Converter

To ensure the greatest degree of precision at high magnification, the measuring range of standard gauge heads is restricted to a maximum of ±15.0µm or ±0.5" thou.



The AE6 Air/Electronic converter is designed to permit the use of air plug and air ring gauges with electronic displays.

In this way, the simplicity of air gauging can be combined with the benefits of electronic gauging with its facilities for differential gauging, high magnification, use of tolerance indicator lights and choice of analogue, digital or LED column displays.

Operating Principle


Compressed air at a regulated pressure of 300kN/m² enters the converter through a restriction to one side of a diaphragm which is extremely sensitive to small changes in pressure. Air flows to atmosphere through one or more jets in the gauge measuring head, and variations in pressure against the diaphragm result from variations in the clearance between the measuring head and workpiece. Movement of the diaphragm is detected by an electronic probe and indicated by the gauge unit display. Adjustment screws on the unit enable the setting of zero and scale magnification.


AE6 dgm



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